Learn To Keep Them Clean

Remember the days when you used to have to take your standard blinds down and wash them down on your driveway and let them dry in the sun? Cleaning them would take hours and in the end most of us would resign to throwing them away and replacing them. These hard hours of cleaning are finally over.

With basswood blinds cleaning is easier then every before. The important thing to do is to keep up on the cleaning of them in order to reduce the time it needs. Obviously the best way to keep them maintained is to dust them once or twice a week. Using a damp or dry cloth wipe the slat of each blind off. This should be easy because they are thick and will not bend back and forth on you.

A great way to keep them shining like new is to purchase a special wood cleaner. There are many brands that you can purchase at your nearest grocery store or you can use pledge. Clean the blinds with this wood cleaner and it will help to keep it clean and shiny. You can do this once or month or whenever it is looking dull.

There are certain steps that you should take in order to protect the basswood blinds from their greatest enemy – mildew. Mildew will grow in any place where there is a large amount of water and if not held in check and cleaned often this can cause your blinds to look horrible and it can spread to other parts of the home.

One of the best ways to protect them from this is to use a high quality wood stain. Also you can clean the mildew off using diluted solutions of bleach. It is best to do this twice a month on the blinds you keep outside. The blinds on the inside of your home will not have this same problem.